Home & Business Security Tips

Here are a few simple tips to help you protect your business, home and family from intrusion.

1. Review security solutions

We will provide you with a range of security solutions to protect your business, home and family. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.

2. Check your mailbox regularly

Build up of mail can alert burglars that you may be away. Organise a friend or family to collect your mail while you’re away.

3. Keep your property tidy

By doing this you are giving your property the occupied look.

4. Lock your doors and windows

Don’t make it easy for intruders – it’s possible they will move on if the property is secure enough.

5. Lighting

Lighting may deter would-be intruders from entering your property. Lighting will give the appearance that someone’s nearby. Talk to us about our lighting recommendations.

6. Contact Safecom Security

We can install a high quality alarm system to help keep your property safe. You won’t regret it!