Computer Network & NBN

Structured Cabling Systems Mornington Peninsula

Structured Cabling is a term used to describe telephone, computer network cabling or data cabling throughout a residence or business building. Safecom provide network and Structured Cabling Systems to Mornington Peninsula homes and business’s, large and small.

Safecom also identify network cabling and Structured Cabling Systems, common when moving to a new premises and the existing cabling is not properly labelled.

Structured Cabling Services include:-

  • Computer Network Cabling
  • Wifi Access Point Cabling
  • Telephone Cabling
  • Intercom Cabling
  • Security Camera Cabling
  • Internet Cabling
  • NBN Cabling
  • Testing & Identifying Cabling
  • Cabling Repairs

Wifi and Access Points

Safecom provides high quality and industry leading hardware to extend your wifi network, indoors and outdoors. Our preferred brand is Cambian, an impressive and seamless product particularly when large wifi zones are required.  Cambian excels when the users device move from one wifi zone to another, seamlessly connecting to the best network.

We believe in positioning our access points in the perfect positions so you get the most from your product, unlike poor results from cheap plug a play solutions typically sold at retail outlets and cheap internet stores.

Point To Point Wireless Network

Can’t run cables from one building to another, to expensive to trench or bore underground? Why bother when Safecom can provide a seamless high speed wireless solution. Our point to point wireless link can deliver high speed network speeds from short distances such 100 meters, and up to 50 kilometres line of sight. Talk to us about our cost efficient wireless point to point options.

Data Cabinets Mornington Peninsula

Safecom can provide Mornington Peninsula businesses with Data Cabinets to provide a secure dust free environment for their computer servers and delicate hardware. Safecom will provide a complete solution, secure, organise and simplify the structured cabling system.

Network Cabling Mornington Peninsula

Data Cabling Mornington Peninsula

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